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I am an American writer with a penchant for Paris and all things pink! Before writing novels, I worked as a print journalist for a Pulitzer prize winning newspaper, broadcaster for a major news outlet, and a professional photographer.  


An avid traveler, I have had adventures and mishaps from London to Tokyo, which I write about on my blog, On Life, Love & Accidental Adventures, and in my contemporary novels.


I was once a collector of truly useless bric-a-brac and cheesy tee-shirts. My cheesiest? A tee shirt with a cartoon Jesus riding a surf board and the words, "And on the eighth day, Jesus went surfing in Greece." Today, I prefer to gather friendships and memories as travel souvenirs.


In my free time, I like to watch movies, read, and snap photographs. Check out my travel shots by clicking on the Adventures tab above or by following me on Instagram. I love to hear from readers, so send me a note!



This photograph was taken in the nave of the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.  After Paris, Edinburgh is  favorite city to visit.  I love that the architecture spans from medieval to modern.  The walking tours are the best in the world, full of ghoulish legends and fascinating history.

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